Our Vision​

  • Creating an enabling situation for our company to stand competitive and compliant in the current global market.


  • Expanding the export market for our goods to central Asia to Europe and American market with sustainable context.
  • Make it a compliance and worker friendly environment to meet the classic issues and global standard for all.
  • Increase the productivity to its highest range of capacity with ensuring top quality and delivery.
  • Do all kinds of leather goods in leather and PU/PVC.

Our Mission

  • To provide high-quality leather products that meet the diverse needs and preferences of our customers while adhering to ethical and sustainable practices.


  • To be the leading provider of premium leather goods by combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design and innovation.


  • To promote the beauty and durability of leather as a material by creating unique and functional products that enhance the lifestyle and self-expression of our customers, and inspiring a culture.


  • To exceed the expectations of our customers and partners by delivering exceptional service, quality, and value, and fostering long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Our Certification & Membership